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Originally Posted by aerohead View Post
No,you're fine (or no worse off than me)!
*I set the delivery rate at the lowest setting on the handle.
*When the nozzle clicks off,I remove the nozzle.
*I ground myself
*Insert the 6" stem of the thermometer down the filler neck
*Re-insert the nozzle
*And pump as slow as I can,bringing the fuel up the neck until it just stands there motionless,just short of spilling out.
*If I can get to the same pump each time,oriented in the same direction,if there is any variation in calibration between pumps,it will cancel out these differences,as it's always the same pump.Excepting road trips,where it's anyone's guess as to calibration.
OK, I'll try that. Can't wait for it to cool off a little so I can get back on this. Do you think lengthwise strakes running front to back on the belly pans are benefitial enough to try them?

To put it a different way, if you only had time to do one or the other, would you build fairings for the duallies and front wheels, or put lengthwise strakes on the belly pans?

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