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Sweet, sweet MPGuino.

So, I gots my MPGuino all hooked up and working. It's not quite calibrated yet, but that's all part of the testing I guess.

Anyhow, some random observations since having some instant feedback.

Average (uncalibrated) highway MPG: 64-68mpg
Average (uncalibrated) city MPG: 74-106mpg

I was completely unaware that my city MPG was that much better than highway....

Oh, and my initial fooling around indicates that in certian situations with average speeds above 50mph, Pulse & Glide seems to be effective. At least it was on my trip TO work when there wasn't much wind.


For record-keeping sake, I just updated my 'guino's software to:
VSS pulse per mile - 8048
MicroSeconds per Gallon - 402374609

VSS was underreporting by 20% or so, I scaled fuel back the same amount.
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