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I did a little more work on the Solar-Powered-Wheels Jeep.

First off, I painted the solar rack - the usual way, just a can of gloss black Rustoleum spray paint.

The rack fits nicely through the holes drilled in the plastic body, and down to rest on the steel frame.

I was trying to figure out the best way to work on connecting the frame to the solar rack, but it was hard to get at, and not at working height. Flipping everything upside down solved both problems. The Jeep was nice and stable for working on. I was then able to use some short metal straps, and self-tapping screws to connect the conduit solar rack to the frame of the Jeep.

Here's the Jeep back right-side-up with the PV installed. I also put in a 12v 18AH battery.

Here's a detail view of how the PV is attached to the frame. I used machine screws with extra-large heads, with one edge ground off. That went in the slot of the frame, with the bolt going through a hole in the conduit, which then got a stainless steel washer and nylock nut.

Looks like everything is pretty good. Only thing left to do is to build some sort of hood replacement to cover the battery and protect the solar charge controller from the rain!

I'm not sure of the condition of the battery either, but hey, I already had it. So far, my total investment in the project is one stick of 1/2" conduit, and a can of black spray paint, plus some misc hardware I already had. The Jeep itself I got for free on Craigslist. For some reason, when the batteries are dead, and they lose the charger, people are happy to give these cars away!
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