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Arrow What to look for when buying a used Prius

I have started this thread hoping that others can submit tips and advice on what to look out for when buying a used Prius. ( Similar to the thread MetroMPG created on buying a used Honda Insight, 1st gen. )

Feel free to add any suggestions at all on what to check when buying used.

I'll start with a few questions of my own :

1) Battery pack health: Since so much of this car is related to the battery pack, are there some early warning signs of a pack going bad ? How can a person check the battery condition of a car when buying from an individual seller ? Can a standard garage do this check, or must a dealer visit be scheduled for this? What is the most harmful to a batteries life - cycles used ( miles traveled ) or time ( age of car ) ?

2) Pack replacement/refurbishment: What is the cost of a replacement battery pack ? From what i understand, it may be possible to refurbish. What is an honest rate for this service ?

3) From what i understand, unlike an Insight 1st Gen, a Prius cannot run at all without it's battery pack. Is this true ?

4) What things break and wear out most often on this car ? ( Things to check when buying )

5) What tires does the Prius use, and if non low rolling resistance tires are installed, what kind of a mileage hit is to be expected ?

Thanks folks, and I may edit this post from time to time to add new questions

Thread: Gen II Prius Life Expectancy

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