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I'd like to know what pancake motors you're considering...



Originally Posted by kach22i View Post
Thanks for the information.

I have a tandem 2-seater in my sketchbook, with 20-25 hp (peak) pancake motors at each wheel (reverse trike and 4-wheeler). Good to know that I'm in the same ballpark hp wise. Actually a bit over, but my body shell I imagine to be F1 style and very strong but heavier compared to composite or fiberglass shell construction..

There is something Burt Rutan-ish about the Zing, I mean that as a complement.

Good to know that it will be 5 inches taller and with a back seat.

In my "dream machine" it would eventually have a bio-Diesel mini turbine generator for longer trips. I can dream, can't I?
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