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After continuous tinkering with limiting straps on the control arm and super stiff springs and whatnot I decided the axle drive system is just not workable. I had it to where it would stay on the car without jumping off but it would break the master link just about every time I hit a bump just right or for other random reasons. I spent more in master links than I did in gas. I bet the front bearing on that motor is about wore out with the beating it has taken.

So I say that hybrid drive project worked but it sucked something major. Now I started working on a new plan that is by far the most involved project I have ever tried. I am building a kit car Geo Metro so I can get more room to mount stuff and way better aero and less weight.

Here is the rear end all finished and ready for the motor.

I am currently working on the front end and will redo it much lighter than what the car had in it before. I will also keep as much of the car based off a Geo Metro as possible. The wiring and most of the Metro parts will be put in the car mostly stock just lengthened and shortened to fit the mid engine layout. The goal is to have it 100% Geo Metro replacement parts except for the front suspension, struts won't fit under the front end.

Once I get the car driving good under gas power I will be adding a new hybrid system to it. I have several choices of how to mount it now. The car is 12 inches wider hub to hub so I can do just about anything in that much room. I am really thinking of extending the shaft out of the transmission and connecting it up there. If that doesn't work out I could always try something like a spacer between the engine and trans or a few other ideas. It will probably be spring before I put the hybrid system back on the car at the speed I am working on it.

But I have no idea what the best electric drive system is I can get. I really think I need something stronger than the Mars motor I was using. With the extra room in the car I can go much larger if needed. I can also go up in the voltage. My estimate for the car will be at most 2000lbs with a full tank of gas and me in it. So with a 2000lb starting point does anyone have any idea of what kind of drive system to put in it this time? I am thinking it should be over 150 volts to make it actually go better than last time.

My goals are still the same as before. The electric should be able to drive the car without the gas engine. I want the car to be able to go 65mph without the electric drive having problems. And I would love for the electric drive to have enough power to do 0-35 in like 15 seconds. And to be able to maintain 60mph on level ground. With the extra space and a reliable drive connection it should be a much nicer system once it is done.

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