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Originally Posted by UltArc View Post
Hey guys, I am getting a lot done on my vehicle, and was wondering if this could be of ANY assistance at all.

Mustang Splitter, LH&RH Side (2010-2013)

I don't think it will do that much, other than a little on cross winds, and maybe assisting as a tire spat. I was hoping you guys could give me any input at all, thanks for the help
If it's from Roush it's probably been thoroughly run through the ringer.
Lois Duncan used to be Roush's aero guy,may still be.
Louis is an aeronautical guy from University of Oklahoma and has been doing things for decades.
The splitter isn't dimensionally 'large' so It may not do a 'lot' aerodynamically,and Roush doesn't appear to make any claims other than aesthetics.
You'll have to make the call.
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