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Horizontal side skirts were used on IMSA GTP cars for years with the sole intent to generate downforce. The idea was that a very strong vortex was shed off them as they transitioned across the edge of the side splitter heading towards the tunnels. The vortex would then locally increase the tunnel flow velocity and viola, more downforce. But, they came with a penalty: drag. For a car that generated upwards of 10,000 lbs downforce the drag they added was well worth if to push L/D towards 6:1 (and plus, if you have 800-900 hp, you ALWAYS turn HP into DF).

Thus they were designed to work with a very well developed underfloor with the sole intent on decreasing lap times through increased downforce.

I can only think they'd add drag to a low-drag (desired) eco-mobile.

If you had a wind tunnel and time, you might be able to work the vortex to coincide with the rear tire wake in hopes of collapsing it. But it would take very methodical testing.
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