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Las Vegas drivers PISS me off!

My girlfriend got in a car wreck today. Not even her fault.

Long story short, my girlfriend lives in las vegas (moving here to oregon with me on the 26th, WHOOHOO!)

Every single time I go there I swear we have a close call or some crazy situation in traffic. I remember some crazy statistic saying that 25-35% of all las vegas drivers at any given time of the day are legally intoxicated via legal limit of alcohol. This doesn't mean "sloshed", just that they've at least had a drink or more. Makes sense.

Insurance in vegas is OUTRAGEOUS and it changes DRAMATICALLY depending on what part of the city you live in! It's crazy!

So anyway... to the crazy story. She's going through an area, 45mph speed limit, she said she was doing around the speed limit, she is coming to an intersection. She's a stay at home nanny for these people so she's driving their kids, etc... car full of little kids. She is existing traffic and there is a stop for the other lanes at the intersection.

As she is approaching, she said this guy in a car is speeding up to the sign, starts to slow down, GUNS it and clips her. She said she tried to anticipate it and tried to get off the gas (not get on the brakes, that sometimes sends them the wrong signal if they see your nose and lights dive, then they think you're stopping for them) and just started gradually slowing and before she could speed up or slow down he nailed the gas and WHAMO.

The crazy thing is that he had his baby kid with him! What a freaking IDIOT, who in their right mind drives like that with their children in their car? I'm amazed people even drive like that in the first place. Who is in SUCH a hurry that they can't stop for 3 seconds to then proceed. Unless someone is dying or giving birth in your passenger seat just f***ing stop!

Good thing is my girlfriend is okay, the kids are okay, and the vehicle suffered only a "bashed up" bumper. The better news is that he got labeled at fault, more than likely is getting cited for wreckless driving as well as some hefty crap for driving like that with his KID in the car, and it goes on his insurance hopefully the idiot will learn his lesson. What a fricken retard.

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