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Originally Posted by Frank Lee View Post
But his driving wasn't "wreckless".
LOL great pun. I mis-spelled it, should be RECKLESS driving, my apologies haha, but good pun!

RE: Volones

I feel for ya. I've seen drivers disregard bikes in las vegas. I ride motorcycles, love them to death, and nothing in the world could make me ride one in vegas after driving on the roads a few times. Some of those guys wear absolutely no gear and go tooting through the highway and interstate on something like a busa through rush hour traffic and I ask myself "Do these guys just have balls, no brains or a death wish?"

Gotta be careful out there for sure! I always say ride like they're out to get you, because they are and they just don't realize it.

I'm very glad that she and the children are unhurt too. She is still pretty shaken up at the experience and isn't a fan of having to chauffeur the family and kids around as it wasn't originally in her job description, i can't blame her, especially after an experience like that. But she's in a better mood now.

I guess they're still calling insurance companies and sorting the whole thing out. It sucks that you have to go through so much legwork in an instance where someone does something you have no control over and you're left calling them, deductibles, etc etc... real PITA. Such is life sometimes lol.
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