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So my girlfriend filled me in on the intelligent couple at the scene. Apparently the guy's wife was with them. She caught parts of her conversation calling the police because her husband couldn't as he was too stressed or something. She said the lady was a real airhead.

Story my girl relayed:

"What street? Uh this one."
"OH what street name? I dunno..... Yeah *sigh* hang on let me look. It's *street name*"
*minutes later police arrive, she's still on the phone*
"What cop cars? White ones.... oh. I dunno, it just says police. Should I ask?"

She was laughing as hard as I was trying to explain how much of an airhead the lady was when she was calling on behalf of her "frantic" husband.

What a weird accident.

I remember the only one i've been in myself was when a teenage kid rearended me in a gigantic jacked up F350. He literally BOUNCED my escort forward (i was in neutral, thank god i wasn't in gear, tires barked a bit from the hop.). He left a big rubber mark from his bumper on my car (which buffed out) with no damage, I was amazed. I went off on him though and flipped my lid. He was in a truck full of teenage kids, claimed he "thought i went" (i was at a full stop, foot on the brake still) and he just nailed me straight on, thankfully at low speed. Needless to say he was horribly afraid i was going to tell his parents, i took down his information, called the police, got his plates, wrote them down, told him if the mark DID NOT buff out when i got home he'd be hearing from me. I took pics at the scene, etc, man i was pissed off.

Some people's children, right? LOL
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