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Originally Posted by ecomodded View Post
I am really hoping the future is without ICE's.
Sure... but what about all the ICE's already deployed? Throw them in the trash?

If, starting today, every automotive manufacturer made the boardroom decision that every future car they design from a clean slate would be ICE-free, they would still need to make their current crop of vehicles for many years. It's not a one day change-over. They have equipment and property to amortize, they have purchase obligations to satisfy, it would easily be 15 years before we saw the last ICE roll off an assembly line from that boardroom decision made today.

We would still have 100 years worth of ICE powered cars on the streets, sure they'd slowly die off but if someone told me to take my paid off and fully functional transportation out of service just because we ran out of petroleum and they feel emotionally opposed to ethanol use, I'd tell 'em to pack it in their prison suitcase.

How about all the people who make their living distributing liquid fuel from the refineries to the points of sale? And the properties and equipment tied to that? Whatever kind of fuel source we use in the future will be needing distribution and end point sales, even if that source is electrons. Unless you've got a Mr. Fusion patent you forgot to market...

Hopes are cool and all, but hopes don't run engines.

If not ethanol, then what do you suggest?
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