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I've thought about this since the day i read about hub motors for motorcycles!

But, for ease of operation, it would probably be a little easier and convenient (for me) to just convert my Tortion Beam axle to a live RR drive axle and strap on a motor to the input shaft. use the existing frame tortion beam bolt mounts, and make another (2 one on each frame beam) and make 4-link suspension. or Honda CRV rear-end/similar for(independant suspension).. fill the trunk with batteries, and use a lever for consistant power/speed output when in traffic jams, parking lots, city driving. Use ICE (FF) for everything else...

I estimated less than $1,000 for the whole thing, batteries/motor would be the most expensive, most of the controllers/electronics could come from a golf cart or something 36/48v max anyways. Junk yards always have a hidden jem for parts practically free
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