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hello all

new here, and glad to join.
currently i have a 99 Audi A4 Quattro 5spd, 93 civic dx auto hatch, and working on a 87 yamaha ysr50 converting it to full EV.
the A4 is the main priority for now... main mode of transport. and im a full time student.. so that slices my resource $$ way down.
recently ive added an intake, vortekz generators, and started keeping a hawks eye on my tire pressure... doing these three have netted a 5mpg gain city driving and 3-4 hwy. i think i will have better luck with the honda. on the back burner i have an '88 CRX HF, my goals for it are: 1400lb driving weight, full interior, stock looking..., and 70+mpg on the modded stock 1.5L D15a6 motor

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