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Originally Posted by trooper Tdiesel View Post
would it be better to say

mild, plug in, hybrid
since the OE engine is running at all times....?

well i know some of us would shut it off at times.
but would the avereg person shut it down and go with out brake VAC, P\S ect
For us hypermilling fanatics, the only way would be to drive with the engine off no doubt. Were usually familiar with EOC or similar situations...

I dont think the average driver who would drop $3000 for "bolt on" kit would know what would happen if the engine would be off, therefor it would just be left running, in neutral or something (i suppose) when in electric mode. The killer part would be someone who's not familiar shifting from N to D, while at speed and not knowing how there car reacts to those types of behaviors or possibly what to do afterwards when the batteries are drained.<this could certainly throw ppl off of the idea, when they have to take a little time and "learn" something new.
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