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Originally Posted by War_Wagon View Post

Pontiac Aztek

/end thread.
To this day I'm unable to see whatever it is that people find ugly about them. It's a machine that looks like it does what it does, and does what it looks like it does. Like it or not, that's actually a good design practice. Not sexy, but hardly ugly - to me they're like looking at a man; I don't get a special feeling in my pants about 'em but I'm not grossed out just because they exist and they'd probably be useful to help move or go have a beer with.

Originally Posted by UFO View Post
especially H3. No visibility, no practicality, no off-road ability. And UGLY!
Oh? I find the combination of half ton axles under a quarter ton boxed chassis, a locking, live rear axle and a proper low range gearbox a pretty decent combination, as out-of-the-box 4x4 vehicles go. Easily every bit as capable as an Xterra or Liberty, etc.

If you don't like 'em, that's cool - you don't have to make up reasons out of thin air. I'm indifferent to their looks though I think it's kinda depressing they've become the de-facto poster child for last decade's excess and really only made up the dust on the surface of that regrettable combination of circumstances.

Originally Posted by PaleMelanesian View Post

Nissan Juke. It's like a mini-me Aztek, minus all the practicality.
Those are sweet cars! Ballsy move to throw some swoopy sheet metal over a new platform but I think it's going to age very well. A little 1.6L turbo motor that delivers 30+ mpg and close to 200hp on a bluff-bodied AWD platform too - I'd hit it!

As for cars I find ugly... Chevy SSR is pretty ghastly and what a ridiculous exercise it was? "hey let's make the fastest car we can make that's technically still a truck, on paper" ... yay arbitrary limitations that serve only to handicap the result! it's like a Beetle, a PT Cruiser and a Maloo got jiggy one night and somehow made a 3-way abomination love child. Hey Chevy, you already have a fast 2-seater and it's already better in literally every way. Stick with that.

I thought the Honda Element was a mish-mash of shapes that overpromised and underdelivered. Maybe that's what people disliked about the Aztek, I dunno...

Fourth generation Mustangs look fat to me. Like a sports car that's been hittin' the dingdongs and nutty buddies pretty hard in the off season. No thanks.

Effing Rolls Royce Phantoms these days.... got these big bold share lines like "This Is Elegance In Physical Form" or whatever right? And then these abortions as headlights. Ew.
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