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yeah on that 4wire EX harness i was using i had to splice for the purge vap thingy on back of the IM, because the jdm D15B doesn't have that sensor. Also I tee'd off another vac hose for the purge-vap. WHat I have in now is a 5wire o2 harness for VX. 2 connectors were cut or missing tho (..****ing wreckers mad cuz i brought back the wrong harness they gave me first off) i had to splice/connect the wire from vtec -green?- to the shock tower, and also the reverse-light sensor on my 5spd trans. Not sure how, but my old VX sensor i saved from back when i orignally bought it, is throwing a code 48 =(. so i'll try soldering the cut jdm 5wire that was on the motor, and see if that clears the code. Otherwise i'll be shopping for another 5wire vx o2 sensor .
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