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There is one up about 1.5hrs away from me. Catch is that the 5spds are know for having a weak 2nd gear syncro and I don't know what condition that trans is going to be in. Don't want to risk $800 bucks and end up going full circle.

I know I know, especially with that other thread that just popped up with gas being around $4.50 in LA.

Hey now LostCause, the situation isn't that dire yet Heeps lost around $3k in value already due to gas prices, its all paid off, selling it would just a pain.

ttoyoda, well I should have the clutch maybe tomorrow or Monday? I'll find out then. I'm going to start prepping the Insight this weekend. The linkage has to come off too so I'll check out the bushings. Hopefully its something as nice and simple as that.
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