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David's 2001 Civic EV (80-100 mile range; 65+ MPH; 8 second 0-60)

Last week I started the build on my new EV, a 2001 Civic EX. My old 1996 Civic EV did me well for 4 years of fun and learning, but the body was starting the need work and the lead acid batteries had worn out. I decided it was time for a rebuild with more fun and range in it.

So here are my goals for this EV:
- 80 to 100 Miles Range
- 65+ MPH
- 8 second 0-60
- Use the J1772 charging stations

I am using my FB1-4001a with the coupling and plates from the older Civic, my Zilla Z1K-LV, 45 cells of CALB 180 AH, Elcon 2KW charger and a much nicer Civic with a perfect body.

Right now I have the engine and muffler stripped out, the electric motor mounted to the manual transmission with a stage 4 clutch and all the parts sitting in my bedroom waiting to be installed.

My blog has most of the fun stuff: 2001 Civic EX EV Coupe Conversion

Civic EV
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