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Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
Are you aiming to have it done by the end of this month? (Did I see that mentioned on the blog?)
That is currently my goal, tho it will probably take one or two more weeks in September as some things have been slower than I hoped.

Today I had planned on getting the motor installed this morning, but I had to run off to do some shopping for vacation and pickup a new front motor mount. I also had misplaced a bolt and once I got everything nearly installed we found the axle had a much higher diameter than the 1996 Civic did! So out everything went and then I had to remove the entire coupling system to cut wider holes at the axle area.

Well it was a good 8 hours this afternoon and we finally got the motor installed! Well mostly, I have two mounts to bolt down, but the rain came and I had to return the hoist to my neighbor so I'll finish the bolting next Sunday when I return.

I'm just having too much fun building this EV, I really like having all the main components with me, I always have something to work on and I feel like I'm accomplishing things everyday.
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