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Originally Posted by drmiller100 View Post
well, how is it going????
Hi Doug,
Incredibly slowly. Making progress, but sourcing a few key pieces in low volume but not astronomical price has been tricky. Then there is my tendency toward perfectionism and endless analysis.

I've had my own businesses for decades, and for most of that time have had very large clients, for whom I would write up a proposal in great detail, often running to 20 pages or more. Once started on the project, it is just a matter of following the plan, and answering to the client. But in this project, it's like having two people in the shop: Ken Fry, the guy who just wants to get stuff done, and who keeps his head down. Then there's Ken Fry the guy with big ideas and waving arms who interrupts the other guy with stuff to look into: "Couldn't we get 5% better efficiency if we just...? Shouldn't we enter this biz plan competition? Shouldn't you be out driving around in the proof-of-concept? "

Makes me want to shoot em both.

I hope your project is going well.
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