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Originally Posted by pletby View Post
.03 mpg separates us from Team Metro. Quick someone fill up their car!

PaleMelanesian you rock man.
I eeked out a mere 40.2mpg on my first tank. I probably shouldn't join the team then.

Granted, I intentionally didn't do anything to the car to get a baseline mileage, not even checking the tire pressure. I had the A/C on most of the time (90F or more most of last week) and tire pressures ranged from 30 to 17psi (now 44psi front, 35psi rear).

I've also moved my Ultragauge from the truck to the Civic (I think I reset everything, but I'm getting wierd readings on the Engine Load gauge. Idle is about 15%, cruise is about 60% load, 3/4 throttle is about 96%, full throttle is 99%). This may require a little calibration still, it's showing a little less than my baseline so far, in spite of making more of an attempt at efficiency.

I think I can feel when Lean Burn engages and disengages (feels like a slight stumble or surge, respectively), but it seems very difficult to keep it there.
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