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Originally Posted by ttoyoda View Post
I would think not!!! Last tranny I had to buy was for a datsun 210 in 1987 and that was $70 so I am a bit behind on the cost of junkyard trannys. If it comes to that it might be worth trying different fluids, I used to use dextron in a 1982 toyota starlet manual transmission that was supposed to use 90w gear oil and was always hard to get into first gear. The transmission outlasted the car.

Also, how are you getting the new fluid in the tranny? I made myself a tranny filler out of one of those old water filled stainless steel fire extinguishers that used to be everywhere. Cost $5 at the scrapyard, it was out of date. I put in some tranny fluid, pressurize to 20 psi (I have a guage on it) and just push the trigger. A 20 minute job becomes a 20 second job. Here is a pic of what I mean.
Yeah I can easily try alot of fluid inside of $800 bucks.

Sick. No I use the old funnel and a long bit of plastic tubing to get to the fill holes.
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