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Originally Posted by Betuaintgotthis View Post
Hey self promoting am I well guess what i truly believe that hydrogen is not the way forward the amount of energy required to make it a commercial fuel is staggering learnt that back in little school i did. TBH a more viable source of fuel would be bio ethanol or bio diesel but they have their draw backs too. Im just asking if it was done this way would it benefit in any way.
I agree with the "way forward", but have abandoned any curiosity about free hydrogen. There is nothing more to be learned on the subject.
Originally Posted by Betuaintgotthis View Post
one litre per minute of hho gas is something like 250watt hours so would that generate a fuel saving?. maybe cancel out the power used to power the lights on the car.......

Wow thats one hell of a saving. assuming my calculations were correct.
Yeah, 1 liter at about 1500psi is 250W. Good luck generating that much from a generator.
Originally Posted by Betuaintgotthis View Post
I just dont understand why you guys cant actually give any useful information like yes in theory that would work and you might see expected gains of between 1-2% in your mpg or something like that. then some other guy pipes up saying the power needed to pull the unit weighing something like 20kg is X amount and so reduces economy by 1.5-3% still making the hho generator useless due to negative economy.

If hho worked it would be great we could all run our car on water and in emergencys im sure we could get away with the occasional p**s in the tank to get us home. ITS NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN except in small pocket areas where they like to feel good about themselves regardless of the cost.
Not too hard to work out the numbers yourself. It simply makes NO sense.
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