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Originally Posted by Daox View Post
How do you plan to use the treadmill motor? Is it constant on? Or is it on under certain conditions like when the A/C is on and/or under X speed for the PS?

PS I am quite jealous of your battery pack!
I'm thinking of having two possibilities: when the A/C clutch is activated or when the RPMs of the motor are low because P/S isn't needed at higher speeds. At first I will probably just have it running all the time, but I'm designing the small controller for it so I'll add those options onto the PCB.

Yeah, that battery pack is awesome. After 5 years of lead acid I couldn't go back to it. I only got 7,000 miles out of the lead pack due to my hilly area and low voltage (96 volts), so I told myself my next EV was gonna be a lithium pack of at least 144 volts.
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