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Originally Posted by RoadtripChris View Post
Sorry to have brought down the overall Team Honda average, but as you can see on my latest fill-ups I've changed my driving habits and I'm up +7MPG so (crosses finger) here's to hitting 45MPG one day in the not too distant future.

I used to be a 'jack rabbit' but now with a more open work schedule and steady shift times, I can afford to leave earlier/drive slower-more eco minded/etc.

I'm back getting back into the swing of seeing my MPG bars climb
Cool. Improvement is good! Good to hear from you.

NC is pretty warm this time of year really - I'm sure you need your a/c. I found that A/C draws lots of mechanical as well as electrical power. The electrical ultimately comes from your fuel so anything you can do to reduce a/c should help.

Ideas: collapsible silver reflectors for inside windshield - fold up into a circle. These really help me. Park with windows cracked 3/4 inch. Start drive with windows open to change out air. Wooden beaded seat covers are even cooler than cloth velour seats, under $15 at big box parts stores.
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