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Originally Posted by MPGranger View Post
I got her weak spot! I have been holding out for just the right occasion. I have never, EVER, no even once given her flowers. My rationale was that only men who were in trouble give them to women and why would I give you something that dies as a token of my love. Odd that she still wants them, she is a florist hasn't she got apathetic to their presence yet?
Flowers are a tough subject, it's been my observation over some successes and failures that a man in a committed relationship should have flowers delivered to his woman's place of business at least two (her birthday and one random day) - and at most 4 times a year. Even if where she works is a flower shop, and especially if you order them from the same shop she works at. Yes, it's $50-100 to do that. Yes it's a lot of money if you think what you're buying is just some flowers.

If you've never bought your woman flowers before, or if it's been a long time... it could look a lot like a pre-apology to a suspicious spouse, but if you're truly clean as a whistle there's not really anything she can do about it - but why's she suspicious in the first place? After you get past that obstacle it's pretty sweet

Originally Posted by Lbar View Post
Withhold sex.
We all know how that goes... ya' don't pet yer dog, he finds someone who'll pet 'im.

Choosing your battles is probably best, the more freedom you give your spouse the more freedom you can expect (and take) in return. Some folks just will not be convinced to conserve energy - most housemates I've ever had have likely never moved a light switch down or turned off a home entertainment device in their lives, and will go to their graves believing those things turn themselves off like the light in the fridge because I went around turning things off for them.

I know convincing my g/f to save more fuel would be very nearly impossible as she commutes exclusively by bicycle..
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