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Originally Posted by MPaulHolmes View Post
...the control board/driver/power board works fine. I've tested all the safety features and the basic functionality with a basic V/Hz scheme at around 320v or so and they work as expected. I'm getting my bigger motor's post turned down to 1" this next week so I can finally fit an encoder on it. I've been waiting on them to get back to me about a special order for a 1.125" encoder, but they never did. Once the encoder is on, I can start testing the FOC code...
Paul - This sounds encouraging, and very interesting

Does that mean that there is a mostly-debugged board and a Bill of Material? I've been waiting anxiously for your AC controller to go live and will have some time in November..

I have two shaft-mount encoders that could be useful, if that would speed things up for you. The first is 1024 ppr and the second is 1000 ppr. Both are mounted directly on the shaft but I'd have to dig them out to find out what the inside diameter of the rings are. I'd also need to look up the voltage used. I remember that A, Anot, B and Bnot are all available with some sort of 'home' signal once per revolution.

I'll post the info when I figure out where I put them
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