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Originally Posted by MPaulHolmes View Post
The 1 inch one would help! Not to be too presumptuous. haha. It's going to officially be a 1" post this time Wednesday.
Hi Paul,

I guess it's not EXACTLY 1 inch ... it measures 25 mm on my calipers, not 25.4 mm

The label on the encoder:

HOHNER 1-905-563-4924
P/N.0136 MS
S/N.R12089425.3 06/98

The link here shows the specs

240408 - Series IN85 hollow shaft encoder up to 16 mm

280710 - Series PZ incremental hollow shaft encoder up to 115 mm

Neither spec sheet fits well. The second one shows the pinout.

1024 pulses per revolution. 5 - 24V DC input.

I've tested it up to about 2900 rpm. The output is stable, but my encoder card won't read anything faster than 50 KHz.

PM me your shipping address.
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