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Originally Posted by euromodder View Post
To get a good photo to start from, take one from a considerable distance, using a telephoto lens.

Next target : under 6L/100 km (over 39mpg) or a more ambitious under 5L/100km (over 47mpg) ?
For such a small car, both should be possible.
As for theory of photography - I knew that. I only have my phone with a camera, so I tried to move back somewhat and keep the car in the center of view. Just as with so many things, I took a half-a**ed approach and the result was what it was...

I'd love to see 6L/100 km but I'm not too optimistic as to whether this is likely to happen.

Originally Posted by Piwoslaw View Post
from horizontal
Also, what you need is a smoother transition between roofline and Kammback.
Make a template of the transition with the correct angles and tape it to a level ruler

BTW, have you considered an MPGuino or other instrumentation?

Remember that the small car has a huge (for it) engine under its hood - Seicentos came with a 900 or 1100 cm3 engine, Maczo squeezed a 1200cm3 engine with almost twice the power of the original
Thanks for the tips. I knew I was missing something and the word "horizontal" put things in the right perspective

The transition is of course sloppy, I think I'll have to re-do the mod with something more durable anyway. But that will come after the tuft testing, I want to have at least some data (even if it's not really positive) from the mod first.

The engine itself is not really physically huge, actually the block of the 1.2 is hard to distinguish from 1.1! The 1.2 does run different for sure though; a mere head swap (1.2 head onto a 1.1) gives instant umpteen bhp (well, 10 maybe, up from 55). I think my 1.2 has some FE potential, but I'd need to re-adjust the timing back to stock or even a deg. or so in the other direction, so it has more punch in the low RPMs. For now it's just not meant to be a FE machine.

As for instrumentation - AFAIK the car does not have an OBDII interface, just some "3-pin FIAT" one, which will require an adapter, which will not only require $$$ for the adapter itself but also for installation (wouldn't want to hurt myself now, would I?). Then there is the instrumentation itself - either SG/MPGuino/UG or the Torque app - again all costing $$$. With me driving as little as I do, I think it doesn't make much economical sense. I know there are a few guys here that would do it anyway just for the fun / out of curiosity, but my priorities are different.

Anyway, I'm pretty busy at my new job (first week coming to an end; it's tough!) and there are serious chances that the engine will need solid repairs (think: AndrzejM's Berta), so I might not be reporting back in a while.

Thanks for the interest and tips again!

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