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We have a plan

Originally Posted by TeamWIKISPEED View Post
The WIKISPEED car is a modular design
We have a plan for the Electric Motor Module, which is actually two plans.

There will be one module, with a transmission, a transaxle, and the drive shafts that extend to drive the wheels. That is the common portion.

For the AC version, a set of small batteries wired in series will provide approximately 240 VDC to a surplus AC drive, rated at 33A. The 5 HP AC motor will couple to the transmission with an aluminum coupler. The motor will be mounted on the transmission with an aluminum mounting plate. A motor support bracket will likely be fabricated from steel.

For the DC version, a smaller number of larger batteries are wired in series and will provide approximatley 60 VDC to a DC controller that is rated at least 300 amps, still to be procured. The DC motor, still to be procured, will couple to the transmission with the same aluminum coupler as is used with the AC motor. The motor will be mounted on the transmission plate used for the AC motor with a different bracket.

Several signals will be routed from the car to the module, regardless of whether it is a DC system or an AC system. These include:
- a Start and a Run ingition switch
- an accelerator analog voltage
- an emergency brake signal
- a brake pedal signal
- an enable signal

The Electric Motor Module will return several signals to the car:
- energy remaining in the battery pack in a 'gas gauge' signal
- running signal from the electric motor
- a tachometer signal
- a speedometer signal
- a pack voltage indication scaled to drive the dash battery gauge
- an ammeter signal - not sure how that signal will be transmitted or what gauge it will be displayed on

That is the beginning of the plan. It will be revised as things progress.
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