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Originally Posted by Weather Spotter View Post

I have to ask, but why did you buy that truck? My bother has a 2004 GM druamx diesel and drives like a race driver (he is a cop) and gets 17-18 MPG. I am sure with some tweaking of driving style that truck is capable of 22-25 MPG. So if you must have a truck there are better ones out there.

this leads me to the next question, why a truck?
My brother drives a Cadillac. What the f ck is it to you?
That's what he likes, and the Nissan is what I like!
Get my drift? I don't give a sh t about what you think about it.
You got some technical information, I'm all ears, but otherwise keep your personal opinion to yourself, unless I ask for it.

The best vehicle I ever had was a '92 Nissan Pickup SE-V6 4x4. It had power to pull and got 19 mpg no matter how I drove it -- stop & go in the city, or 80 mph on the highway.

Twenty years later, I expected even better from the 2012 issue. It does has the power to move, but the gas mileage is atrocious. Now I am driving with a lighter foot, and the mileage is improving (not that it is any of your business.)

What attracted me to this site were the discussions on E10 and ways to test it and remove it. I'm all ears for those experimenting with this. But I have no tolerance for eco-freak opinions on the matter.

If the eco-freaks were in charge, we'd all live in an extra-dense high-rises, and walk or ride a bicycle everywhere.
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