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Originally Posted by Old Mechanic View Post
The worst EPA city rating is for the 4.0 V6 auto and all wheel drive @14 city and 19 highway. Are you using E85?
Need more information.

As far as I know, I am using E10. I'm also using Shell, which is "nitrogenated." I usually use 89 octane, but I think my next tank will be 87.

Thinking about making my own tester for Ethanol percentage, rather than spend $20 to $40 for a kit. I'll also be testing other gas brands over time. I'm collecting papers on the subject. Seems pretty straight forward.

I've also been reading in Nissan Frontier forums that a lot of others are having the same experience with very poor gas mileage. Some of that is lead foot coupled with a very kick-ass engine. But I also suspect that the the vehicle's O2 sensor and computer controls may not be calibrated for E10, and it is causing a very rich mixture.

I'm also thinking about setting up a "still" to remove the ethanol and then add in some acetone to compensate. I have some papers on experiments along that line also.

I would appreciate any technical data or sources you might have along those lines.

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