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Welcome advice

Originally Posted by Daox View Post
Welcome to the site.
Honestly, don't waste your time. Its not worth it. Do some searching here and I'm sure you'll find some info on this.
Well, I'm not an eco-freak, so I won't be too much into "hyper-driving." but I have already taken the lead out of my foot.

I will be perusing the "proven mods" here for what might be useful.

I used to work for Brown Engineering under a NASA engineering support contract for the Saturn V Moon rocket. (That might have been before you were born.) A couple of things I learned from that experience that are applicable here:

1) All the formulas and mathematical models we have of the real world are but approximations. All have error -- there are no perfect formulas or models of the real world; and
2) There is no substitute for experimentation. Most scientific advances come from surprises occurring during experimentation on something else.

So I will be experimenting with a lot of things. There are right and wrong ways to do experiments.
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