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Originally Posted by Weather Spotter View Post
a "still is out of my range of know how. but it sounds like an interesting idea. a "still" is just a single stage distillation column is in not? If you could dial in the right heat/ size still it might work.

How much % gain would you think you could get from this? Some 91 octane gas brands are E10 free and might be a good first step comparison.

"nitrogenated" is just marketing. no real difference from everything i have read.
No heat to the "still" -- from what I have read so far, it is just like a big ethanol tester -- a big jug (say 5 gallons). Pour in the fuel from the pump. Pour in some water. Shake it all up to cause phase separation. Let it set for the water-alcohol to settle to the bottom. Drain off the water-alcohol mix from the bottom. Put in something to replace the loss of octane (such as acetone). Put it in your gas tank. Drive away.

Part of the experiment would be to graph the percentage of additive(s) that resulted in the best gain. Rather than put it in my new truck, and maybe void the warranty, I'll be looking for a cheap test engine to test it first.

Or maybe I'll just put a plan and schematic together, and let someone else with a test vehicle actually do the testing.
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