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Originally Posted by Weather Spotter View Post
Sorry for asking questions, we get lots of people here who complain about gas mileage and have never considered anything other then an SUV. not that you cannot drive anything you want.

Also I am not an eco-freak, I like to mod my car but I am a gun loving, country guy just trying to save $$. being eco friendly is last on my list of concerns. Every one on here is different and has different motives (which we are all cool with) but blasting people who are trying to help will get you zero help. Tolerating others polite remarks (eco or not) is required, I do not like some peoples rants about carbon pollution.... but I can still politely listen to their suggestions for better MPG.

Adding adding acetone has been tried many times and I have yet to see any proven (give me hard data) to show it works. I tried it myself and could not determine any difference. it also runs the strong risk of breaking seals and gaskets.

As for E-10 I can not find any local stations that do not have a minimum of 10% Some states use MTBE as an knock additive but that leaches into and pollutes ground water making in unsafe to drink so most states banned it and the next cheapest solution was ethanol.

In your looking around have you seen our wiki of mod ideas? it might give you some modding ideas that have shown great results:
Car MPG Efficiency Modifications Main - EcoModder
OK, Sorry for the negative over-reacting. To compensate, I'll over-react positively now --

I drive a truck because I like to. I picked the Nissan Frontier, because the best vehicle I ever owned was a' 92 Nissan pickup SE-V6 4x4. I bought the 2012 Nissan Frontier because of my past excellent experience with Nissan.

I like the 2012 Frontier because in my eyes, it is the prettiest truck, bar none. And I chose a crew cab because it is sized just right for me, my wife and two daughters. I chose the long bed, because I think short-bed crew cabs look funny. I chose a 4x2 because a 4x4 wasn't available - otherwise I'd have a 4x4. But then I never really used the 4x4 much in the '92 model. And I chose the SL model because it has every dodad on it, and I deserve it.

I also have a SUV (2001 Mazda Tribute), and a motorcycle (1987 Honda Shadow VT700C). The SUV is getting along in years, and has a too close encounter with a deer. Mileage on it has also gone down with the introduction of E10. It is totally paid for, so maybe I'll use it to experiment on, although it still gets decent mileage (average 23 mpg in town.)

So there you have it - a mixture of logic, emotion, need, want, and not just a little temperament -- Just like all big ticket purchases for everyone.

About acetone -- I have a copy of a report, including data and a chart, that relates percent acetone added to mileage increase. The chart shows that acetone increases mileage up to a point and then decreases it. Maybe it is ineffective with the percentage of ethanol presently added to gasoline. In any event, if I remove the ethanol from the gasoline, I would also be lowering the octane rating. I will very likely need to add back a non-alcohol based octane booster. So acetone will be one possibility for that.

There is, of course, the possibility that the sensors on the vehicle that adjust fuel mixture are either defective, or not calibrated for ethanol, and are causing a too-rich mixture of gasoline to be injected. So maybe I would need some exhaust sensors for that. Should I mention the vehicle's computer that adjusts itself, perhaps masking all test results.

So I realize there are a lot of factors to control for, and that controlling them isn't always easy. In any event, because someone tried it before doesn't necessarily mean a proper test was made. Testing properly means strictly controlling for other factors, and proceeding in small increments. it can be boring, tedious, and expensive.
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