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Originally Posted by DoctorM View Post
Well, I'm not an eco-freak, so I won't be too much into "hyper-driving." but I have already taken the lead out of my foot.

I will be perusing the "proven mods" here for what might be useful.

I used to work for Brown Engineering under a NASA engineering support contract for the Saturn V Moon rocket. (That might have been before you were born.) A couple of things I learned from that experience that are applicable here:

1) All the formulas and mathematical models we have of the real world are but approximations. All have error -- there are no perfect formulas or models of the real world; and
2) There is no substitute for experimentation. Most scientific advances come from surprises occurring during experimentation on something else.

So I will be experimenting with a lot of things. There are right and wrong ways to do experiments.
I am a total eco freak. I love money. Economy freak all day long. All of my service in law enforcement is voluntary until a full time position is open, so my funds are through the private sector and internet based. Without decent economy, my Glocks, H&K, and 12 guages would never see any fun! Plus I couldn't save any money. 36 mpg and money saved for a FiveseveN, or epa estimate of 22? I'll go with the savings.

What is hyper driving? Is that like hyper miling? I know some stuff seems a bit extreme, of the hypermiling, but some of it is so simple that is easily overlooked. Even like tire pressure, or coasting more often and more carefully.

It seems like you are pretty set in testing technique. One great thing about the site is seeing others results. In the wiki, and even just browsing, one can see what others have done.

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