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Originally Posted by DoctorM View Post
Well, I'm not an eco-freak, so I won't be too much into "hyper-driving." but I have already taken the lead out of my foot.

I will be perusing the "proven mods" here for what might be useful.

I used to work for Brown Engineering under a NASA engineering support contract for the Saturn V Moon rocket. (That might have been before you were born.) A couple of things I learned from that experience that are applicable here:

1) All the formulas and mathematical models we have of the real world are but approximations. All have error -- there are no perfect formulas or models of the real world; and
2) There is no substitute for experimentation. Most scientific advances come from surprises occurring during experimentation on something else.

So I will be experimenting with a lot of things. There are right and wrong ways to do experiments.

I'm fully aware of the scientific method and proper testing. If you read a bit more here you'll find that is also what we endorse. I was simply trying to save you some time. If you wish to spend your time testing things that have never been found to actually work go right ahead.
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