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Originally Posted by jimepting View Post
Would kinda look like a streamlined CanAm 3 wheeler. Still working out the front suspension and the seating layout.

Ohh, this sounds like an interesting project!!

I spent quite a bit of time investigating this same approach about 4 years ago, and my best advice would be......

.........Whatever components you decide upon for the vehicle, make sure they are all DOT approved components.........

The more "custom" components you put on the creation, the harder it is for the inspector to get a "comfort" level about your skill level and so on. He has to sign off on your design, and in case the machine has a "failure" in the future that causes injury to someone else, the inspector could still be held partially liable in certain situations for passing questionable construction methods.

I had many email exchanges with my state inspector about this issue, and to make it "easy" for him/her to inspect and give approval for road use, it's imperative that components are either from a previously DOT approved motorcycle, car, truck, you name it. Keep in mind that ATV's are not road legal in the normal sense of the word. Yes, you see them on the road now and then, but they are not DOT approved for normal road use.

Hope this helps, and good luck with your project.

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