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A DC donor

Originally Posted by TeamWIKISPEED View Post
We have a plan for the Electric Motor Module, which is actually two plans.
A DC donor car has been procured. It includes:
- 120VDC 21 HP Dc motor (7 inch diameter)
- Electric throttle pedal with mounts
- Kelly KDZ 12400 144V, 400A controller with USB interface
- 4 deep cycle lead-acid batteries
- fuse
- contactor
- cabling

A 5 speed manual transmission with motor coupler and motor mount looks good, but needs some work on alignment.

The car needs a lot of body work to get back on the road ... but likely has issues with frame rust as well. Some other parts can be used - brakes, wheels and axles, perhaps some of the suspension and lighting.

All in all, a good donor
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