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After rebuilding the head and getting the body in order, I found this website and learned a lot about saving fuel. The very next steps included...............

Changing driving habits (you learn more as you try it)
Inflating tire pressures to max (which in my case was 44PSI)
Advancing the ignition timing to 8 degrees (advanced to 10 then retard until ping goes away)
Weight reduction (removed spare, jack, tools, rear seat, etc)
Complete tuneup including a high quality Baldwin air filter
Disabled Daytime Running Lights (grounded park brake wire for now)
And finally, I removed and relocated radio antenna (see THIS THREAD)
These mods and changes got me to the 50 MPG mark.

Yard sale antenna = $0.50
Total cost = $0.50
Total labor time = 1 hour
Tomorrow, I will be posting another aeromod I am doing with more pictures for your viewing pleasure
__________________ - got mpg?

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