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Originally Posted by openyoureyes View Post
you all sound like a bunch of ignorant fart sniffers(typical prius drivers),
Welcome - and well done on the superb first post, sure to make lots of friends. I do make my own gas and I have been known to sniff it, purely on medical grounds though.

Originally Posted by openyoureyes View Post
the geet reactor may not be 100% reliable but its still in early developmental stages, how reliable do you think the first prototypes of combustion engines where, and look at where they are now!
Yeah, er, they kind of did that in first 2-3 years in the 1800s, we have had 200 years of refinement though with billions spent on it - sometimes in the wrong direction but we seem to be on track now - mostly.

Originally Posted by openyoureyes View Post
The fact of the matter is that they work, no two ways about it and if you think its fake, with the amount of evidence out there you must be pretty dumb.
Agreed I am dumb, but all the evidence seems to be scam websites circa 1998.

Originally Posted by openyoureyes View Post
The only reason its been in development stages for so long is because of people like you who put it in the "unicorn" corned straight away, and i dont think mr paul is making enough money to keep his patents up to date considering the amount of support he doesn't get. Im an sola engineer and i build racing cars in my spare time so i'm no fool,
Pictures and web sites or you lie and this is pish. Any links also have to include proof as to your qualifications to comment on this - specifically. I'm expecting prototypes, secret plans etc.

Originally Posted by openyoureyes View Post
I'm currently in the process of building a reliable geet motor
Good luck, as above - pics or this is pish in the wind.

Originally Posted by openyoureyes View Post
to incorporate into my sola business
I assume "sola" = "solar" - it is really only one letter, what is this nonsense - txtspk ? For gods sake man, buck up. Pay attention. All the symbols and letters are right there in front of you.

Originally Posted by openyoureyes View Post
, and trust me if there was any chance i would **** with my cash cow i wouldn't! so how about you do some proper research before you flame something for the world to see.
Look it is really simple - on the left is the shift key, hold it down and you get CAPITALS - how hard is that ?


Oh where to start, or even why bother.

If I was an engineer in Thermonuclear Dynamics I would learn to spell it (and maybe that is wrong, but you get the idea) so you are not filling me with the "this is the next really big thing" mood.

I'm kind of getting the image of someone sat in a small room dreaming of the next really big secret energy source, and then maybe google searching porn.

Prove me wrong.

EDIT - or never post again.

[I]So long and thanks for all the fish.[/I]
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