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Originally Posted by Arragonis View Post
@rmay, but is it actually useful ?
As-is? Only if you need one speed (I think that speaks for itself).


The claims are the unicorn, is a carburator usefull, is a hit and miss engine usefull?

I would estimate that since a legitimate company wanted to use a catalytic carburator at some point prior to efi that this device would likely also perform in much the same way if it was refined to have some sort of throttling ability.

That said is reinventing the wheel (carburator) going to gain us much over EFI?

Is making the heavies more burnable in the combustion chamber as opposed to the cat downstream usefull?

I would estimate that as we expand out the level of required efficiency old things of this nature (but more refined) may become usefull again but we are picking some pretty high fruit going after that last 3%

Afterall how would your CAT stay lit if there were no energy there?

This is what I file under, the idea has merit but is being overhyped by a scammer with a poor design.

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