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MPGs with propane?
Yeah it works, propane just replaces diesel fuel.
After testing on and off for about a year I figured propane on a suburban was too much of a hassle.
The plan was to experement with propane then test water and water methanol injection.
Well I tested the propane, didnt much care for it and never got around to testing the water and water/methanol till 2012.

Wished I would have followed through with water and water/methanol testing or tested had tested it first.

I like the water based system better than the flameable gas based system.

The problem with high compression diesels and propane is if you add too much propane you get detonation, which will ruin the engine pretty quick.
I injected water/methanol (80proof) l mixes with enough methanol at high enough volume on several runs to make around 150 horsepower (had there been enough air to burn it) with no knocking.
The suburban took off like a bat out of hell and left a good cloud of smoke.
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