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Originally Posted by dtbaker61 View Post
I'm looking for tips/techniques on eliminating brake drag and how to tell whether its brake drag or bad bearings causing my front wheels to heat up....
You did not mention what type of car you have, but I have worked on several Honda's over the last two years, and each one has/had brake pad sticking issues, so I consider this a design flaw in the braking system.

It turns out that the pad fits so tightly in a "nest" that any amount of rust causes the pad to stick in the "nest" and effectively causes the pad to lock up. The worse the amount of rust, the more prevalent the sticking becomes.

I just worked on my wife's Honda Fit this weekend, and her pads were at the onset of this phenomena. The brake pad on the piston side of the caliper was especially stuck in the nest. I had to use a rubber hammer to move the pad out of it's nest.

One "cure" for this issue is to grind about .020 inch from the end of the supporting backplane for the brake pad.

Once this is done, the pad slips into the nest easily as it should.

Cars that I have seen so far with this issue:

Honda Civic, Honda Fit, and Honda Insight.

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