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I visited Mr. Pantone at his home about 15 years ago. It was only five miles away. I took my infant twins. Maybe not the best plan, as he was sporting a quite convincing Mansonesque look (Charles, not Marilyn) at the time that made me a bit uncomfortable. His short presentation was nonsensical, for the most part, using a lot of techno-evangelist jargon. I got more relevant technical information from his assistant who was showing me their engines. None of them worked well, some not at all.

IMHO, the bubbler only serves to distill the more volatile portion of the mix, with some water vapor. The coffee and soda thing is just hype. Whatever the hot exhaust gases don't vaporise is left behind in a viscous ooze that likely needs to be treated as hazardous waste. Oh yeah, The bubbler also serves as a great Molotov cocktail, if you aren't careful (probably even if you are careful).

I think that the GEET reactor works as a plasma generator that utilizes exhaust gases to produce high voltage static electricity that forms a plasma that reforms the vapor that passes through it into more basic elements like hydrogen, carbon and oxygen. This part of GEET is not strictly unicorn science. The DoD has researched plasma generators (made from spark plugs and metal tubing) for treatment of diesel fuel to meet EPA emissions standards. (The study also mentions that water vapor can be reformed into hydrogen and oxygen, with the addition of a catalyst.)

The magic magnetism in the Geet reactor may simply be an indicator that plasma has been generated.

Well, enough of this. I must get back to my Pogue carburetor, Meyer Cells and Farnsworth Fusor.
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