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The DoD study makes no claims of overunity (always a good sign, especially in a government study). The idea was to reform a portion of the fuel, then either inject the resulting gases into the combustion mix, or into a post-combustion reactor, to improve emissions, particularly PM10. The losses to the system for generating the plasma were considered a fair exchange for the intended results. They mentioned that there was room for improving the efficiency of the plasma generator.

If the GEET reactor can supply the plasma necessary to reform all or part of the fuel to allow it to burn more efficiently in an internal combustion engine by utilizing the static electricity produced from the movement of hot exhaust gases in a confined space, it could conceivably improve the efficiency of the system.

Doesn't that sound more acceptable than talking about magic magnetics converting coffee and soda into fuel? Ahh, but it isn't as mesmerizing and I guess that is the point for Pantone.
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