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Originally Posted by acparker View Post
Doesn't that sound more acceptable than talking about magic magnetics converting coffee and soda into fuel? Ahh, but it isn't as mesmerizing and I guess that is the point for Pantone.
Its amazing how one ideot can make a potentially workable device from rockwell that could even have small benefits in specific applications, such that both himself and the design are discredited. When in reality only the guy with the claim should be thoroughly discredited.

The purpose I've seen stated elsewhere for the various "GEET" experiments was to try to get a system where the exhaust powers a CAT like device that reforms the entire intake charge into lighter more burnable compounds. Whether we have enough heat and whether it works is another thing, as ACP states it probably doesn't work out so well in reality, since you do have to start the engine and stop it.

So effectively a CAT ahead of the motor, that idea may in some form be workable (rockwell had one already) If someone would enter reality and test a well MADE device (not a geet) in a controlled situation. It may have benefits in certain situations.

The main benefit that comes off the top of my head is the ability to burn fuels other than gasoline in a gasoline motor (if of coarse you can figure out how to start the darn thing), sort of like having your own onboard refinery.

But, sadly because some scammer latched onto it, no such luck.

Ah well.
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