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Originally Posted by ksa8907 View Post
Emotion? Care to point it out?

So you're going to pull your engine, put it on a dyno and test this. Great! Let us know what you find out. Btw, I never said it wouldn't work.

Just out of curiosity, how much does acetone cost per gallon?
I wasn't necessarily speaking to you about being emotional. So don't get so all emotional about it and drag yourself into that category.

You don't have pull the engine to put it on a dynamometer. There are rigs that measure the horsepower right at the rear wheels (or front wheels for front-wheel drive). The reason for the dynamometer are:

1) to faithfully replicate running conditions in repeated trials (this is virtually impossible to do with a driver and a vehicle on the road);

2) eliminate emotion from the equation (emotion destroys objectivity);

3) eliminate human machinations (for or against) to bias the test; and

4) much more precise measurement can be accomplished for small effects (that might not be noticed otherwise.)

As to the cost of acetone, according to the article I read, you only use a few ounces of acetone in ten gallons of gasoline, so the cost of it isn't that much.

And I'm not saying that it does work - only that testing on a dyno is necessary to determine whether it does or not.

I am criticizing the rationalizations for not testing it (that I've heard in this forum) as just pseudo-logical (mental masturbation). Nothing, not all the pseudo-logic in the world, substitutes for proper testing.

As far as using my vehicle as a test platform:
1) It is under warranty, and I'm not about to violate that;
2) My fuel usage (mpg) has yet to stabilize (see my mpg graph a couple of posts above).

However, I am thinking of a suggestion to Myth-Busters, as they look for such kind of things to test, and have sponsor money to burn. We'll see how that goes.

By the way. the same goes for adding some diesel to the gasoline tank - some literature suggests it may be beneficial. I would also like to see that tested on a dynamometer.
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