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Originally Posted by ksa8907 View Post
i remember hearing that diesel mixed in can be beneficial. there's a paper floating around about 30% ethanol being ideal for mpg.

i do agree that the best way to test these things is on a dyno, but this is a DIY community and i know i don't have one sitting in my garage, so i guess real world tests is all we have.
I don't have a dyno either, though my garage is crammed with a lot of other tools and equipment, so much so, there is hardly any room to use them. I once drew up plans for a home-made dyno. Maybe I still have that in my computer someplace, though that was many decades ago. Conceptually, it not all that complicated.

I heard a 5% or less alcohol (ethanol) content may be beneficial, but any more lessens mileage. That's another good candidate for a dyno.

The diesel mix really interests me, but I haven't heard what kind of ratio it should be. And what the effects of both ethanol and diesel together might be.

I'm hoping that Myth Busters might get interested in this eco-mod stuff, and the ethanol, acetone, and diesel additive issues in particular, and do a show or two on it. While they have fun doing it, and they do it for entertainment, they do try to set up logical, relevant, and objective procedures.
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